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Not Just Bingo Drinking Game
Not Just Bingo Drinking Game
Thursday, September 29, 2022 - Comments
Posted by Dewand "juice" Darling
I created NOT JUST BINGO for a birthday party for my sister. But my inspiration came from my beaufuil wife. She had an addicion to bingo and happy hour. Im going to share this short story with you that made me create NOT JUST BINGO
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Birthday Girl
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I remember me and the wife went out to have a few drinks for happy hour after a long week of work. After a few drinks my wife started talking to a lady next to her. The lady tells my wife she won $5,000 and a $100,00 car. So my wife is ready to play some bingo. I told her to drop me off at home and don't spend to much money. Hours passes by and I haven't heard from my wife and I started to get worried. A buddy of mines calls me up and tells me my wifes at the casino now and she winning big. I'm thinking to myself the lady from the bar gave my wife some good info.
      Well my wife comes home crying, I ask " baby whats wrong"? She told me she won $25,000 and a brand new lexus truck. So im super geek, then said " why are you crying"? She says she felt lucky and went to the casino. She was on a roll and couldn't lose. Ok, Ok, you still haven't told me why your crying? she says" well remember I won all that cash and truck"? Yes why I double it and won a $300,000 vechicle. I said "shut the front door, what kind of vechicle is it"? she said " it was a cota bus".
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This is my beautiful wife and the story i told was somewhat fictional. Order your game today and get a 25% discont at